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Someone needs to tell this lady not to give up the day job.  Whatever that maybe.


Backing Music:  7/10


Interesting Use Of Camera Angles: 8/10


Groovy shoulder movement: 6/10


Getting down with the homies vibe: 2/10


Rhyme Rate:  Anyone who can get 'Legislate' and 'Propagate' in the same sentence has to be good right?


Message:  Forgot what your were talking about, the trees looked pretty though.


Our Verdict:  If you're going to do a rap, hating on the gays, firstly wear something sparkly, maroon does nothing for you, and for goodness sake do something with your hair, take notes from Nicki Minaj.


Secondly, don't use hold music as your background track, perhaps team up with 50 Cent or someone.


Lastly, Who the F do you think you are?


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